MAXKELLY, Nail & Eyelash beauty salon, places importance to serve life-style of ladies with busy da-to-day schedule.
Our staff, well-informed with the latest technology and trend, will recommend nails and eye design to match your preference and personality.
It is possible to get simultaneous treatment of nails and eyelashes between any of our stores nation wide.
Please feel free to contact us on any question or clarification.


We offer various courses from speedy & reasnably priced simple nails to popular "Any design you like*" which you can customize to create own design, with several fixed-rate courses that offers the latest trends, in between.
Water and impact-resistant gel which the salon invented enables nails to remain beautiful for long time.
Please see the latest nail design in our COLLECTION portfolio.


Thanks to our original extension technique we provide a very soft and light attachment.
Our high quality glue is praised for lasting very long while feeling comfortable.
And in addition to the latest technologies such as bindlock and parisiennelashlift,eye shampoo and many different treatments are at the heart of our art.
Fore more information please vite the EYELASH page.


HAND 60art

The 60-minute design course lets you choose from an ever growing collection of original designs made by MAXKELLY and updated monthly.
Your aura, your color ! Change the color to your taste !

HAND 90art

Our "Any design you like" course is the most popular !
We welcome any designs as long as it can be done within 90 minutes.
You can bring in your own design !
Stones are unlimited ! (extra-fees may apply)

HAND 120art

"Any design you like" course premium !
When 90 minutes are not enough or when you want to design all your fingers.
Characters and fine arts will also be done in this course (extra-fees may apply).


The sculpture course is recommended for those who want to elongate short nails.
We'll give equal lengths to your nails thanks to acrylic.
And of course, design is also available with gel on the sculpture.


Besides a simple one color gradation, "Any design you like" course is also available.
Simultaneous treatment of feet and hands is also available.


MAXKELLY original eyelashes extension offers luxury mink or sable. Volume lash, upward lash and color extensions are also available.